She stood, the altitude high, the air crisp and thin making it harder to breathe, her body aching from overuse, but still it was well beyond worth it. She had waited her entire life for this single moment. She had finally made it. She had prayed and climbed and climbed and prayed and fasted and prayed and now here she was. Her life was behind her and it was one well-lived in abundance. Not material abundance, but full of peace and joy, gentleness and kindness, mercy and praise. She had done all she had known to do and it was enough. She had finally made it. Soon she was sitting at the feet of her Father, listening to the murmur she had been waiting for. The words she had so long dreamt of hearing. She soaked in the peace of the place and the comfort of His words… “Good, good. Well done my dear child. You have been faithful. You have finished well. Come. Come in. Come home.” 

“Enter into the joy of your Lord.” -Matthew 25:23


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