An Open Book 

That I am not. But today, I’m cracking the window to my heart and letting the cool breeze of reflection in. 

To my younger self– oh there’s so many things I would say. I would dry your tears and tell you that you’re missing the happiest days of your life longing for something else. Oh that I could hold you and tell you that it didn’t matter. Nothing really mattered except your love for your Savior and His love for you. Oh that I could tell your broken heart how much He loves you.

And to my future self– I can only ask you questions and hope that you are living out your calling so vigorously. Do you have a family? A child? Lots of children? Do you fall asleep with two babies in your arms, babes longing for another’s affection, soaking it up from you? Are you spreading that everlasting love and joy and peace you’ve found? Oh how I hope you are! Are you tired? I bet you are. I know you. Are the people getting to you? Are there just too. many. people. Take a break my lovely one, if ever there is time. Rest in the peaceful arms of the Father, He’s waiting for you. It’s time to be still.

And now at last we come to today– are you living a purposeful existence? Are you taking steps daily towards your dream? Are you listening to the Father when He speaks to you? You better get on it. Light that fire today. Spread the vision as only you can. Our God is a storyteller. Go live your life to the fullest. Go tell your story. Today it’s unfinished, soon another page, another chapter… GO. Your Master, the Ultimate Creative is longing for you to come home. But you must keep writing, no time to go back, no time to edit. Write. Write. Write. One sentence, one page, one chapter, one story, one life at a time. 

day 2/30


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