Be Still BUT Be Bold

I’m digging out a dusty draft for today’s post. (I’m cheating, I know, but 30 days of blogging is a long time!) Day 1/30 for my month of posting extravaganza! Ha. Ha. Enjoy these little musings, won’t you? //

Be still. Be bold. Sounds like an oxymoron to me, how ’bout you? But that’s just what the Lord’s been talking to me about all this week and I’m learning that it’s not so unnattainable after all. But it’s not going to be a breeze either, that’s for sure. Neither one of these traits come easily to me…I’m just not naturally calm… Well I would have people begging to differ on either side of that coin, but we’ll just leave it at that! I’m not always at peace, I tend to worry (I’m a master of freaking out about things that I’ve only imagined could happen) and I’m certainly not bold (as is the norm for introverts around the world. I would compare us to a fluffy little kitten, I think. Soft and sweet and timid, but when you push our buttons… whew watch out! 😉 ) Anywayyys, yeah, I’m not really your gal, God. But I’m willing to be. And I think that’s what makes all the difference.

Our God is a God who takes our brokenness and makes it into a beautiful masterpiece, a work of art that no one could have even imagined. He molds us and makes us, He nourishes and sustains us and before you know it, He has grown a lovely garden of wildflowers for the world to look on and admire. (Because honestly, who in their right mind doesn’t appreciate the glorious flowers of the field?) So today, dear ones, think of this and be bold. Be fierce. Be lions and lionesses. But don’t forget to tame your roar. Quiet it with gentleness and cloak it with love. Be bold for Christ and His testimony in you. You are blooming under His very hand, unfurling radiant petals for all to see. Be glorious. Be wild and free. But don’t forget to be calm in your passion, steady and soberminded. Be still, dear ones. Rest, dear ones. For in the stillness you will find the strength to fly.


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