Ok, so I’m finally feeling inspired to start another project (or two or three…) and I am so excited! I can’t wait to share all my new content with you guys!

I’ve been thinking over exactly what I want to do and create and have come up with these ideas:

*Podcast It. is. time. I’ve been wanting to start a vlog channel, but that’s so much more detailed and time-consuming so for the moment, I’m going to aim for podcasts. My thoughts for it right now are just conversational style, updates on my oh-so-interesting life 😉 and whatever encouraging things the Lord has been teaching me. I’m also double majoring in counseling so there’s bound to be some bits of advice thrown in there somewhere. It’s a grand jumble of ideas right now, but I’ll smooth things out as I go along. If you have any questions or topic ideas that you would like me to cover, fantastic! Send them my way 🙂

*Book (and more audio content!) For those of you who don’t know, I’m also a literary fiction writer in my free time, but I long to leave my 9-5 and go completely freelance. I have so many projects whirling around in my mind and there just aren’t enough hours in the day it seems. If you’re interested my author site is here. There are a few blog posts and writing excerpts and that’s also where the new book will be posted. Each week, I’ll record the audio for the portion I’m releasing and at the end of the series, the typewritten version with be available for download. (There’s also a possibility of getting a limited edition hard copy with illustrations done by yours truly. And a giveaway–Etsy prints anyone?)

All that being said, I will be quite busy these upcoming weeks so be on the lookout for those podcasts here and more information about the book itself on my other site over there.

God bless, everybody! Much love!


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