I want you to think back to a time not so long ago…

Your childhood.

Do you remember the freedom—no responsibility and an imagination and a will that anything was possible?

Do you remember far enough back to the time when you didn’t care what anyone else thought about you? When you didn’t even know you were “supposed” to care. When you spoke your mind and were utterly transparent because you knew no different.

Now think with me for a minute about the day you got your first cell phone…and when you “upgraded” to a smart phone. Little did you or I know the power of the weapon that we laced so casually between our fingertips. Do your hands ever remain empty now? Are your thoughts ever silent? Or do you have a grip locked tightly around the very thing you thought would save you? I know I do.

I see the problem so clearly when I’m out in society and yet—upon entering closed doors I realize that I’m no different.

I’m continuing my journey today with one more step in the direction that Our Gracious Father and Teacher, my dearest Friend, is leading me—towards freedom. I don’t need my phone to “save me”. Christ already has!

What I need to do is face my fears and see them shining bright before me, their true value in the toxic glow of the screen.

There is no life in a purely virtual reality.

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” John 10:10

Christ has called us to an abundant life! Not a life marked by dependence on social statuses, constant updates, and merely a bird’s-eye-view of life.

No! We need a hands-on experience—a rich, deep, passionate, living life that envelops us. So today I’m letting go of one more distraction. Cutting the cords, crushing the idols one by one.

I will not waste this precious life that my God has granted me.

And the sad truth is, I can’t even count how many times my grandmother has asked me, “What’s on your computer now?” (In that sweet worrisome voice of hers)

And countless times I gave her a well-crafted variety of answers, creative enough to ward of any more questions or concerns about the time I was spending…when deep down, I felt a tinge of guilt, knowing that I was being a poor steward of my time.

My friends (and “friends”) can wait. The latest YouTube health video(s) can wait. “Research” and blog posts and countless articles, even devotions and sermons, yes, they can wait too.

For now is the moment to stretch our limits and breathe and create.

To be thankful and really see what’s around us.

To lose our technological tunnel vision and open our eyes!

There’s a world out there people.

More than that, there is a Creator God who wants to show himself to us. Who craves our worship and adoration and unadulterated attention.

But how can we see if we continue to blind our eyes in favor of “connection”? 

Black Mass Premier At Coolidge Corner

The elderly are so wise if only we’d pay attention. See her? Be like her.



“I will make her wilderness like Eden; joy and gladness will be found in her, thanksgiving and the voice of a song!” Isaiah 51:3

solivagant // adj // wandering alone

Yep. That about sums it up. This first step to the rest of my life. And though it may sound tinged with depressing thought, it’s not. Instead it feels like freedom.

The freedom to live to the fullest. The abundant life. The life God has called me to.

The freedom to love. To love God. To love others. To slowly learn to love myself.

God has led me into the wilderness, following the ancient paths, to teach me. To guide me. To grant me peace. Only through times of drought can you appreciate Living Water. Only through suffering can you understand the true meaning of contented, Vine-abiding joy.

This past year has been hard. Really hard. But it’s nothing compared to the joy that’s coming. It’s nothing compared to the priceless lessons I have learned. It may have been hard, but I wouldn’t change my past circumstances for the world. I wouldn’t. Truly.

“I will bring her into the wilderness and speak tenderly to her…and I will give her a door of HOPE” Hosea 2:14-15